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About us

We of Aster Green are the supplier and wholesaler of flowers and plants. Located in Honselersdijk, the heart of flower and plant production in Westland, we work 24/7 on quality and service. Quality in our products and service for you as customer.

Due to our large range of flowers and plants we can provide you in all your needs. You have the opportunity to purchase directly, through Aster Green, at the auction house (KOA) and you can order directly from our stock through our webshop. Real fresh products at a competitive price, packaged as you like. We are happy to talk to you in your own language.

We are open and honest, assertive and motivated and are always looking for new products for you as a customer. That is how we try to improve ourselves to keep us 'on top of the game'.

Do you have a question or do you need information please contact us via the contact form on this website.


Telephone: +31(0)624892445 | email:

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